PC Mobile Pro - PC Running Slow? Call PC Mobile Pro!
PC Mobile Pro is a locally owned and operated computer repair shop. I started PC Mobile Pro because I want to give folks like yourself an excellent service at a great price! I believe in honesty, integrity and being very personable to my clients. PC Mobile Pro brings over 14 years of extensive computer repair knowledge to the table. I treat everyone very fairly. So if your looking for great prices on services and for someone who won't talk over your head (too much), then, PC Mobile Pro is the place to go!

Onsite/Remote Diagnostic                                               FREE

Pickup/Delivery                                                               FREE

Virus Removal/Eradication                                                $99

PC Tune Up/Cleanup                                                           $55

Virus Removal + PC Tune Up/Cleanup +                          $165
Antivirus Upgrade                                                            

Data Recovery                                                                     $99

System Install/Upgrade                                                       $149

Network Setup                                                                    $139

Printer Setup                                                                      $99

Motherboard Replacement                                                 $65
(Labor Only)

Laptop Screen                                                                   $65
(Labor Only)

Custom Built Computers                                                   CALL

Onsite or Remote Login Available